What We Do


Our range of services

How we deliver our services: We first look at what you do, ensure we understand it by working with you or the appropriate people within your organisation to determine your needs, on the basis of your needs we then go on to recommend services and/or solutions that are tailored to meet your requirements; add value (to you) or your business and increase productivity, efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Learning & Training

Our Trainings are modelled and delivered in a manner which makes ICT trainings and Certification available all and sundry in a flexible manner and at affordable cost.
We believe everyone can should learn whatever they wish to – technology has made it possible – and we bring that to you at our Modern Learning Center (MLCs). We understand we all learn differently and at difference pace, so at our MLCs you choose the way you wish to learn, and you pay the way most comfortable for you.


Using latest web technologies, we provide Website design, Development of Business Web Portals, Domain Name Registration, Hosting with secure and customized emails.
We also provide maintenance for your new or existing websites by ensuring that your website always has up-to-date content, down-time is minimised, and your backup is up-to-date.

Digital Marketing

Today almost every Business is online or plans on going online, but is it enough to be online? Are you getting traffic to your website? Are you reaching and engaging the right audience? Are your target audience motivated to take the right action when the visit your website?

Our DIGITAL MARKETING is a unique consultancy service aimed at helping you create online brand awareness and getting the most out your websites and other online assets.

We start with an audit of your existing online assets, then make recommendations and help you implement them.

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We work with you right from the time you decide the IT systems you need, to ensure you get the software you need to get your business up and running as soon as your systems are delivered. Why we do this? Experience has shown that most times, when this decision is not made at the right time, organisations spend extra money and/or time upgrading or downgrading software that were pre-installed on the systems due to compatibility issues, other times it could be that software required are totally forgotten, and as such no budget provision for them. Because we know the nature of your business, we ensure you do not run into such problems. We also advise you on the best purchase options (Full Package Packs or Volume license) based on your size, number of uses and future growth projection. We are partners with leading Software Vendors such as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec, Sage Account.

Software Deployment (Off-the-shelf)

We advise, deploy, train and support. Some Applications you can get from us include:


  • Sage
  • Quickbooks

Productivity Tools

  • Microsoft office 365 for Home, Students, Business, Schools
  • Microsoft server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft project


  • Kasperskey
  • Norton

Custom Applications

We understand that off-the-shelf software applications do not meet everyone needs, so we are also happy to work with you to develop applications specially suited to what you do or what you want to do. Some applications we can build for you include:

  • Web-based Clients/Members database
  • Web Applications
  • Custom Applications

mobile Solutions

Mobile Applications

These are Applications that run on mobile devices connecting your business directly with your clients on a daily basis. This enables businesses to provide updates, promotional offers and information about their business directly on a mobile device. All your clients need to do is download your free app to their smart phones and instantly connect with your business.


Business Applications can be integrated with mobile applications to send automatic reports, results of database queries or alerts of transactions to customers.

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