Membership Database for OLQN

OLQN Database

OLQN Custom Database Application – The client had about 7,000 phone contacts of their members on our BulkSMS platform. They want a convenient way to reach out to specific groups, send automated birthday and anniversary messages like the banks do, wanted to be able to drill down into this data and know more about who their parishioner are, like their profession, societies they belong to, family information, age bracket, where they live etc. They also wanted QR Code attached to each record, so they could scan with a mobile device and pickup specific data.
“It was challenging and yet an exciting working with OLQN to bring their conceived Ideas to live” – Modern Business Software Team.


  • The database contains various info on registered members
  • From this database you can also send automated or custom SMS to all members or to a specific group of Members
  • You can also search for a person based of a number of criteria
  • You also know who has received sacraments and which
  • And much more

You can also tell us what you want and we design it for you. We can provide more details or come do a demo on request


Membership Database

OLQN Abuja


March 2014

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